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Piemonte: a unique enogastronomic experience


Piedmont is rich of unique local specialties such as many kinds of cheese, some types of rice, sausages and meats, the Piedmontese chestnut, the famous hazelnut “tonda gentile delle Langhe” and the pepper of Carmagnola.
But one of its most celebrated products is the truffle, a particular underground mushroom living in symbiosis with the roots of some trees. We distinguish the white variety (more valuable, eaten raw), and the black one (which can be cooked). The famous Alba's white truffle is one of the world's most prized delicacies. And Barolo is the classic wine pairing, as it mirrors and draws out the earthy, gamey quality of the truffles.
Piedmont has also a lot of typical dishes, such as the “ravioli del plin” (egg dough pockets filled with meat), the "tajarin" (thin homemade egg noodles), the "risotto" and, among the sauces, you must taste the "bagna cauda" (prepared with garlic and anchovies, sometimes adding cream) and the cognà (the grape mustard with fruits, typical of Langhe).

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